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How have you rigged your overflows to be octo safe?

O. Eye

Nov 22, 2002
Hey gang,

Wow! Has this site taken off or what!?! Thanks again for all who make this one of my most often visited places on the Interweb.

Here's my nagging question as I try to plot out the absolute most perfect way to set up an octo paradise using my currently empty 65 gallon All Glass tank:

I was planning on using bulkheads near the top of the waterline with the right angled elbows to skim water from the surface to go down into my sump for skimming. Others have told me to use screens for this to keep the beautiful beasts out. I have looked all over and have seen similar setups, but I haven't seen anyone using the elbows and bulkheads with the screens - or maybe I have and didn't know it. So...what does this setup look like (can you please post a pic). Is it the ideal? Is it loud? Thanks!

One more thing. I'd like to design a subtle but classy octo-themed stand out of wood. Any ideas?

Thanks Again!
Wow! I can imagine all kinds of things you could do with a cabinet... way cool idea!
I use the standard 1/8" filter screens on my tanks, it fits directly into a 3/4" pvc elbow, and is available at most home centers...never an octo has escaped!!! (knock on wood)
Themes for the cabinet eh??!!!

Ive been having a good think on this one since im about to get my tank and cabinet in a couple of weeks, not sure if I'll actually bother doing somthing of the like...

But what about incorporating some tentacle design for the handles, or some painted deep sea theme?

Im considering making some kind of pattern with my LED's, when they magic themselves out of the sky, through the window and into the tank thats not there yet, in a much observed space!!!!!

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