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How Big is/did your octopus get?


May 9, 2005
How big is your octopus or how big did it get? Just trying to gauge a possible upgrade from a 20g to a 75g i have dry in the garage. Just because they 'can' get to x inches doesnt mean they commonly do or will in the aquarium and on aquarium foods, so just wondering how big people have PERSONAL experience with.


i have a 75 Gal tank and hes all over it makes me think its almost to small
my little dude is about 2 inches ? mantel length
with all his arms waving around hes gets a little over a foot acrross
i have no idea, but it looks like a bimac, its currently about 5" with legs, so hes pretty tiny, i know how big they 'can' get, i just want to know how big they do get...if that makes any sense?

Squidgy is currently ~2m arm spread and ~ 12Kg in weight. He lives in a 3600 L tank.

Titch is ~ 25cm arm spread and ~ 100g weight and lives in a 100L tank


PS these are both NZ species and as far as I'm aware not available for sale!
I've had various GPOs which have all grown far too quickly for what can be good!

Had several of them make it past two metres and have no idea what weight but sure were heavy!
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