Homework for TONMOcon


Nov 6, 2004
We're getting so close, I think I can hear Cthulhu calling!

With a mere month left before Tonmocon, I'm trying to read up on a few things so I'm not completely clueless when I'm listening to some of these talks. Surely going through the threads on this board would be good preperation, but I was wondering if anyone (particularly, the speakers) would have any additional recommendations for quick and dirty "catch-up" materials concerning the presentation topics.

Which brings up another question: Do we know who all the speakers will be at this point, and what they will be speaking about?

So far I've got:

1) The threads and articles on this board
2) A copy of Richard Ellis's The Search for the Giant Squid
3) A DVD of Steve O'Shea's Discovery Channel special Chasing Giants that I still need to de-regionize before I can watch it (#@^$ing MPAA!)
4) Various Collections of Lovecraft Stories borrowed from local Libraries


5) Rentals of It Came From Beneath the Sea, Octopus, Octopus 2, and Dagon

Does anyone have any other recommendations? Keeping in mind that there's not much time left to hunt for rare and hard to find sources, or sift through volumes and volumes of information...
Check-out the giant squid that eats John Wayne in Reap the Wild Wind! I was online chatting with the SFX guy who built the huge rubber octopus for Tim Burton's Ed Wood, who mentioned that, yes, this was in fact the same giant squid puppet later used as the sea monster Boga Ten in the Hope/Crosby flick The Road to Bali. We'll be doing a rundown of classic movie cephalopods during our Art and the Cephalopod presentation. Also check out just about anything you can regarding MBARI if you're intending to visit on Friday. You can see Bruce Robison on Mike De Gruy's Nature special Incredible Suckers as they tick-off a morotuethis enough that it turns around to attack their ROV. They're all thrilled, of course.
You may wanna surf the web for a copy of Cephalopods A World Guide. Although, if it were my decision, I would have called it "Cephalopods: A Book About". It's a comprehensible read and fills you in, quick.

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