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Home or Office


Pygmy Octopus
Dec 9, 2005
OK, heres the scoop - I was going to DIY a custom tank - but then found a 100g, with a stand, for $75USD...can't let a deal like that go by...

Here's my dilemma: the wife says "NFW are you putting another tank in the house" (especially a older, glass, tank). So I have two options:

1. Install the tank at work. Problem here is that I travel a fair amount, and while feeding will be no problem (my assistant will take care of that), the lack of interaction might be a bit on the cruel side...just sitting there all day with only the 29g reef tank across the room to look at...

2. Install the tank in my garage. Same problem - I don't exactly live in the garage...the water would stay nice and cool, though!

Looking for alternatives...
Well, your office if way better than your garage. I wouldnt reccomend either but if you have to have one, definatly put it in the office. Not the garage. Have you done research on how to keep them?
Octopuses do quite like some peace and quiet time so the office might not be so bad. Its usually at feeding time that most owner - octo interaction happens anyway.

Biggest problem is if something goes wrong and you are not there to sort it.

Think I'd be bringing flowers home to the missus
I don't think the office would be so good for an octo - he'd get lonely on weekends and long vacations, not to mention travel. Also, there can be quite a bit of temperature fluxuation in an office building as they turn off the heating and air conditioning when people aren't there. You really need to monitor tank conditions daily - look what happened to Kashmir when joefish went on vacation.

If you travel a lot, you need someone to take care of your octo, no matter where it is.

The best would be to switch out tanks and keep your octo in the house and hope your wife makes friends with it - not that uncommon!

I have two other tanks in my house - 100g and 125g. Not a chance that they will be moved. I also keep a 20g in my office.

The office it will be.

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