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Hey, I'm new saying hello

Aug 7, 2007
Well I'm new here. I've kept a dwarf octo for 2months, I think it was alive for around a month before, which brings it to it's lifespan in captivity correct? I had him in a 20g tall.
I got a 125g fowlr/reef kinda(only one coral in there), which I'm hopefuly going to get rid of soon.
I'm going to use the money from that for a 270g custom tank to house sharks.
I also got the 20g which is now going to be used for a fragging expirement(blending mushrooms).
I'm about to set up my 10g QT tank into a shrimp small breedery hopefully.
That's my tanks.

I'm going to get hopefuly a 75g to use as QT for the
270gallon, which after everything is in there, I'm thinking of putting an octopus in there.

Well that's my introduction.

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