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Since it's probably better to buy locally than have a tank shipped in, you need to start with your phone book or a web search on your local aquarium stores and start inquiring.

Are you in a large city?

If you are going to buy a tank for inverts, it is always better to purchase a brand new one, as a used tank may have had copper medications in it before (will kill an octo in no time ).
Most of the stores have sales often on 50's and 55's...typically about 75-115 bucks for the tank and a lid. From there you have to purchase all of the filtering merchandise you are going to require. A conservative estimate is about 400+, with most costing around 700...be sure you can afford to do it !

k, i found this 55gallon at wal mart,that comes in a kit,and a stand.
it is $158, i think im going to buy it,do u think its a good enough deal?
That is a good enough deal, for a tank and a stand...remember, the filter and accessories are probably not going to be used in a tank for inverts!

I think you'd be better off to wait until you've decided on all your equipment before buying the tank. Greg is right, you'll probably have to buy another sort of filter and may use few of the extras that come with such a set up.

thanx, im holding off on a tank for quiet some time, theres still so much for me to learn, before i even consider anything
thanx agian
also, how does a fluval 204 filter sound?
i use fluval for both my ciclid tank and my saltwater. like em alot. u may just want to bump that up to atleast a 304 if not a 404. that with a good proteine skimer should b enough.

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