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Help Needed

The one that completely hatched I cannot find anymore. I have three that have broken away from the rest and are doing very well. They are still in there eggsacks but exhibiting very brilliant color changes. As for the rest I don't think they are going to make it. They are covered in a milky film. I did a search on google images and it looks like dead eggs. I haven't taken a close look at them to see if there is any movement within them. I will do that in a little bit. I hope they are OK.

nothing near my area of knowlege but octopets says the eggs need gentle airation/water flow is this what you said you did? anyway good luck - if the eggs came with it and they both died could it have layed the eggs and indeed have been a fully grown adult? especially with the small eggs i guess.

i hope the missing live one is just invisibly cruising the bottom - and dont worry you did the right thing- they certainly would have all died in the lfs if they couldnt look after them - good luck again. :wink:
I keep telling myself that same thing, that they wouldn't have made it in the LFS and I at least gave them a better chance.
Just checked the other eggs and they are still color changing. There is light flow over there holding area to allow fresh water to enter it, but not enough to toss them around.

well it sounds to me like you are having a good go at it considering you werent expecting this at all!!! Sounds a bit more promising!! just need to get hold of the zooplankton or whatever now! good luck again :biggrin2:
The Festoon has been removed. It was so covered in the milky film that I could no longer see through it. I removed some to see the eggs inside and they were completely white ( DEAD ). As for the other 3 eggs, they were put in a shot glass from the day they released from the rest. I checked this morning and they were gone. Nothing but empty egg cases left. I am really hoping they hatched and got themselves out of the shotglass and into the holding container. It would appear that this is what happened as there were no dead octo's to be seen. In the enclosure is some chaeto ( full of pods ), fine grade live sand as a substrate, and got my hands on some rotifers ( alive from a guy I met at the LFS ). He is more than willing to help me with this until I can get my own culture started.

All I can do now is hope that they are alive in the enclosure.

I appreciate everybody's help with this.

Thank you all very much!

Wish you all the best with this attempt to raise baby octopus. I managed to keep a hatchling alive in a tank for four months on amphipods and other small creatures - but I had the advantage that they were larger, benthic hatchlings. You may not see them for many months, but don't give up. Just maybe....


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