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Help Needed


Pygmy Octopus
Nov 17, 2004
I just dropped in to the LFS tonight and left with a festoon of at least 100 eggs ( forgot to ask him what species these are ). I didn't plan on this but they were free and he told me he doesn't have the time to care for them properly. So I now have the challenge of raising them ( if they hatch ). the eyes and tentacles are already visible. I have a well established 50 gallon reef that they are placed in ( in a breeding trap ).

What are the feeding requirements at this stage? ( my tank and sump have a ton of pods ).

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.


Looks like I am going to have to get that other 50 gallon going sooner than expected.
WOW!!! How great is that??? I am sure you will have plenty of tips on how to raise these. Do you know what kind of octo? That's fantastic you can already see the babies. Any pics?

I hope this is the right pic. I also grabbed a new crocea clam while I was there.

EDIT Should also note that there are some free floaters already. I don't know if they just broke off or if they released themselves. Lots of action ( pulsing ) inside the egg sacks.

I'm getting excited!


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It would be helpful to know what species they are. Buy the looks the hatchlings will be free swimming when they hatch so make sure they do not get sucked threw the filter. For food they will need really small live food such as amphipods or similar large zooplankton. If they are free swimming then you will be lucky if you get a few to survive. If they are benthic than you will have a better chance.
No luck with a species name. The order sheet said Octopus Species. The ones he ordered didn't make it to the store alive so I couldn't even get a pic of them. Looks like I will have too wait and see. They are doing well so far. I have seen the eggs changing colour tones already so I don't know how far off from hatching they are. Gonna take some more pics as I progress.

This is exciting !!!! I hatched out 200 babies last March :razz: ... Sounds like you are close to hatching. Unfortunately none of my babies made it to adulthood :sad: but what an experience!!!! Those eggs seem really small, mine were huge. The pods will do for a short time but you are gonna need mysid shrimp. Matter of fact I think that the small shrimp that Tony has offered on this site might just do the trick when they get alittle bigger, say three weeks old. I wish I knew about them last year, food was a big issue for me with 200 hungry little ones.

Please keep us informed.

This will be one of the most fullfilling experiences you can have, at least it was for me :wink: I think Tonmo has the pics of what mine looked like when they hatched, just awesome news!!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :biggrin2:
Well they are from a small egg species for sure so will be tough to rear... You may be looking at rotifers as being a first food as opposed to amphipods.

Which continent/country did the octo come from?
as a kinda- ot but relavant, you can get the shop to tell you where they ordered the octos from, and then call/e-mail there. I did it before with a corn snake, trying to find out exactly what the heck it was. but be prepared that the main shippers don't like the consumers calling or even contacting... you might get some not so nice language, but you will get more of an answer than octopus species. make sure the e-mail is short, like hi, I recieved some oct. eegs from you, and I was wondering if you could point me in the direction of a spp. or even a collection area.

good luck, btw
Need a very quick reply please!!

Will Phytoplankton be OK for the first little while? I have a hatchling already. It is very much alive and wandering on the bottom of the breeding trap they are in ( watching with my magnifying glass ).
There are a couple more eggs that have broken off, but they are still encased in the sack ( color changing is visible within them ).
My rotifer kit is on it's way. I am going to ask on another forum that I frequent if anybody in my area can spare any right now ( they don't know what I have yet. I will receive a lot of heat from them when they find out! ).

Got to take the night off of work now and get my other tank done.

Thanks for any help you can offer

I'm not an expert in these hatchlings from the small eggs - but I believe that zooplankton would be better than phyto.. Perhaps you can release these early hatchlings into a mature tank and they will find food. And maybe the other tank owners can help.

Found out that the octo's and eggs were from Singapore originally. The 2 octo's that didn't make it were only golf ball sized.

They are now in the sump tank ( lower light area ) in a mini tank with a power head pushing water across the lid, so they receive some fresh water also. Will post a pic later today.

Hi Rick,

Sorry but Phytoplankton won't do. I doubt the octis will even recognise it as food. All octis are obligatory predators........ie no veges!!!! As a VERY last resort enriched artemia will do until you can get better quality food. But this will only do for a very short time (like one feed!) it's nowhere near nutritious enough.


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