Help Needed


Aug 3, 2004
Im not sure if this is the right place to post this but oh well.
Im doing a BSc at Otago University and as part of the Biology of Animals paper we have to do a review of research on an animal indigenous to New Zealand that interests us, needless to say Architeuthis dux was the obvious choice. The problem im having is locating articles from peer reviewed journals. If anyone could help me you will have my undying gratitude and all the kudos you can handle. For preference im looking for New Zealand journals and any thing by King o' the squid, Steve O'Shea.

Thanking ye kindly
Well, all glory to the Hypnotoad, er, well you, actually.

However, as far as I know, Architeuthis dux is not endemic to NZ, although Steve is. You have chosen a very cool subject and, there are many people here who can help you.

Good luck
You can always email or PM the man himself :wink: He just loooves the "ping" sound indicating new mail :lol:

I'd help but he'll know if i say something wrong... :cry:


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