Introduction and request for help

Jul 29, 2018
Nashville, TN
Hello all!

I was pointed your direction by the wonderful mod of /r/octopuspics on Reddit who suggested you as a collective wealth of knowledge. I see that I'm not the first person to inquire about this, but I too am participating in the week-long international Gish scavenger hunt ( For those who haven't seen the other user's post, we have one week to complete a list of 200+ items, one of which for this year needs an octopus:

"Let an octopus use your GoPro. You are not allowed to harm the octopus in any way. Edit footage down to 14 seconds of video."

Unlike the other poster, I'm not limited to the Portland metro. My teammates are spread around the country and somewhat able to travel. I'd also potentially be willing to mail my GoPro and pay return shipping if there's someone in the states who'd be amenable to helping.

As much as I love this hunt (it's my favorite week of the entire year) and as much as I want to check this item off, my primary concern is the health an safety of the animal involved. I want to make completely sure that that is the main focus because it's the right thing.

Thank you for reading through more than one post about this item (remind me to tell you about how last year's microfiche item resulted in one store in Washington state running a special for people who mentioned Gish because they got hundreds of calls). If you would be at all willing to help, I would be beyond grateful for your generosity. My team, Team Captain, has been a runner up team out of thousands internationally for the last three years running and we are bound and determined to go the distance this year.

In immense gratitude, thank you in advance.
LOL, I find this terribly interesting and really want to see the submissions. I do happen to have an octopus in residence but ET is pretty small and there would be no guarantee he would be curious enough to examine the GoPro but I have no concern about putting the camera in the tank with him and videoing the outcome. If all I get is a video of an octopus in a tank with a GoPro, would that count? PM me if you want to go this route and if you don't get a better offer.

I live in Gainesville, GA. Here is a link to ET's journal.
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