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Help needed with filters ect.


Jul 10, 2005
Howdy all,
I'm at the beginning of gathering all the stuff to keep an octo, and if everything geos well with the online auction tomorrow I should have a 300L(umm 66 gallon?) aquarium. At the mo its goin really cheap, $30 US ,and is in good condition just needs a clean.

I want to do DIY stuff, as I'm a student and it's ridiculously cheap in comparison to build it yourself, and its cooler.
At the moment I'm very interested in doing a fluidized bed filter. The amount that they can filter is incredible, and they are really cheap and easy to make. I have some questions though, would you need a protein skimmer if using a FBF?
I'm geussing you don't as that many bacteria should be able to remove the protein. And, where in the sequence would the mechanical/carbon filtration occur?

Also, Ive been told mechanical filtration occures last (in the sump for example), and this seems strange, so can you confirm this to be the case? Is this just to protect the pump?

I'm considering a sump with a home built wet and dry, and I'd chuck a protein skimmer in along with carbon ect.
Ive seen some really cheap second hand skimmers, in the range of US $3, and the seller says they are not for reef/marine tanks, which struck me as odd as I thought they didn't work in non saline water. For $3 I figure I cant go wrong, as someone said "a skimmer that is too small is better than nothing". The model is a "Queen turbo skimmer TS2000) the hang on type, a good buy?

There are so many options, and its easy to figure out single components, but building a harmonious system is a lot more difficult.

If you can answer any questions it would be helpful. Sorry about the long windedness hahaa. My mind drifts in and out.

Hi Feelers,

First of all, I'd be very careful about that used tank. Tanks that have been used for fish often have been given treatments containing copper. Once copper gets in the tank, it is virtually impossible to remove and is fatal to an octopus.

About the protein skimmer. It not only helps with filtration, it also adds oxygen and is essential for removing ink. Octos do ink and you need a way to remove this substance from the water.


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