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help me pleeeeeze now


Jan 1, 2004
ok.... just one thing. could any one just jot down everything i need and tell me how to put it all together???????????????????????????????pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez :confused:
Hi Ant,

You can make this list yourself by working through the Equipment List - click on the Ceph Care button above to find this article. Make the list, being sure to follow the links - you will learn a lot doing this.

Then, if you want to run the list by us, please do.

ok here it is. tank-56 gal. I plan to put a hood with a glass panel under it.I will also tape it with colored duct tape.My Dad owns a plumbing and heating small-buisnes. I work for him (yes it is a 12 yr old working!)and he has R/O tanks so thats where ill get my r/o water.My dad knows the owner of our LPS so i could get synthetic sea salt there.UM......I dont know what kind of PS i should get , any recomendations for a 56 gal.I am going for a canister filter. I can get that from the owner too. I go to the mall with my parents a i look at hermit crab shells so i could get some of those and boil it for 20 min.I live in ohio so it gets hot and cold variations.I guess i could get a cheap chiller or put a fan on the SUMP. BTW what is a sump? :bonk: i Will find a heater somewhere but i doubt ill need it because my room stays hot for quite a while.(i only have 1 vent!) How do i set up an air pump?I will use a regular fish light on a timer 8 hrs a day, do you think thats too much or too little?How do i set up carbon? SHeesh ive neverwrote so much ....twice :yelling:
Do you have a shop nearby you? perhaps you coudl take your list with you and check it against the real thing? The shop wont mind if they think that you might eventually buy from them
Ant you have a lot of questions, and Colins suggestion of getting a visual is a great idea. Running a Marine aqaurium is a demanding , but rewarding udertanking. :smile:

Have you set one up before? Perhaps it would help to know what experiences you do have to build on, instead of explaining the process from scratch.

Would love to help so please fill in the gaps.
I dont think there is any tanks around here that i no of.
yes acually i have a little experience. I had a 10 gal fish tank with 2 large 'sucker' fish and two small ones. I also had a goldfish i a separate tank.O and i had 2 tetras in thee 10 gal. I had a bunch of other fish with them im sure. I cant remember tho :bonk:
OH.............I thought you meant any octo tanks.nope none of them.But i do have a petland in my local mall. BTW I live in pandora OH
no. They only sell(marine wise)snails neonfish frogs giant really puffy goldfish other various big fish, but nothing salt water. I think that we could get special orders from them or some specific website.
That will not work for us then. :frown: Is that the same shop you dad knows the owner of?

Trying to get you to see a saltwater tank in action.

with a canister filter you will need an bac-pac style protin skimmer.

if you have not bought a filter I recommend a wet/dry variety so you can put skimmer in sump (well of a wet dry) and it helps octo proof.



Sump. is the type of sump I made. It's a wet/dry.

Protein Skimmer. Protein skimmers are good because they take alot of the waste from the water and the water doesnt pass through it. Because the water doesnt pass through it the watse cant mess up the water because of rotting.

Heater. This is a REALLY good heater. It has extreamly thick glass so it's almost certain it wont crack easily.

Anything else?

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