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HELP!!!! Gonna be a daddy(I Think)

Well, you have your work cut out :smile:

You will need a source of food for babies, some sort of amphipod, Aremia is not a diet suitable for baby octos and has a proven bad result.

The eggs could hatch in 30 days depending on temp.

The female may keep eating for a few more days depending on when the eggs were laid

Batch rearing babies in a tank fulll of live rock and hiding places may be the way to go rather than small individual tubs, at least to start with

Do a search on TONMO.com's search engine and there is a lot of posts about rearing briareus,, none 100% positive yet :frown: but there is some good info there

check for posts by Nancy, Alicia and dbbga regarding briareus

good luck
This is our story of raising briareus eggs in Dallas:

Last spring Debbie's (dbbga) briareus laid eggs. After about a month, Debbie and Alicia (from the store that sold the briareus) removed the eggs from the mother just as they started hatching and put each hatchling in a plastic cup with a small amphipod and a bit of seaweed. There was also a supply of mysid shrimp to feed them with.

Debbie eventually let her hatchings loose in her large mature tank. I took six hatchlings in their cups and put them into a mature 19 gallon full of amphipods, and Alicia kept hers in the little cups and fed them every day. Debbie saw one of her hatchlings after a few weeks, and then none after that. Alicia raised one of hers for about two months. I thought all of mine had perished, but after four months, my husband was cleaning the algae off the glass, and out popped an angry little red octopus. So one had made it! However it died a few weeks later, maybe bitten by something in the tank.

So there was some success and it appeared that the hatchlings have a better chance in a mature aquarium full of amphipods and places to hide than being raised in little containers.

Do you think I should leave them in with momma after they hatch or should I take them out?I am waiting for a 350 gallon that I was supposed to have this week but I am not getting it till next week,so i was thinking about moving mother and babies into it(if they hatch) and ordering some aphipods off octopets to put in there with them.

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