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HELP :confused:


Apr 26, 2005
i am very intrested in seting up a tank for a bimac i have a 120 gal. tank w/ a sump i know i need a protein skimmer if there are any you could reccomend , and i've been told i would need a chiller if there are any suggestions you guys have please let me know thanks in advance
Hi and welcome to TONMO.com! :welcome:

A good place to learn about which protein skimmers our members like or don't like is the first thread under Tank Talk (right at the top).

You might or might not need a chiller. Do you have a sump? I put a fan on my sump and lowered the temperature several degrees. Also, octos don't need bright lights, so that keeps things cooler.

You should aim for a tank temperature no higher than the lower seventies - 72/73 would be a good tank temperature.

Me I find no need for a chiller but if you tank temp is up you cant get it down I would put Ice cubes in my sump if it got to cold but it would have to be a big chunk of ice
also no I dont have a good protien skimmer dont get the red sea protien skimmer it is inafishent
:welcome: to Tonmo, Mike...
Nancy has answered most of your questions with her post...but I would like to know what equipment you have already? It helps to make a decision on the skimmer based on what is existing...what size pumps, etc...

Good luck, that should be one heck of a nice bimac tank!
the sump or wet/dry so many different names for things i got it for free so i cant really tell you the gal. but its 2'x1'x15" 1/2" the pump when it gets here is 700gph i have a long time to wait before i can get an octo just want to make sure i have the right equipment before hand,also i saw what was called a caribian(cant spell a lick)octo today they said that it would make a good pet also you guys ever heard of this
thanks for your help,

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