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Hello, I'm New

Mr. Fishy

Jul 14, 2007
No major questions I just want to introduce myself. I am not new to aquaria or saltwater but I am a first time owner of an Octo (a cute little bimac named Benny). I am just rounding out my first week, and though I have yet to really see my little guy, I am totally hooked.

I am trying with varied success on getting him to eat frozen krill, but he is definately chowing down on the hermits I have in the tank. Every now and then he takes swipes at the feeder shrimp but has yet to catch one.

So far so good, oh and he is about the size of a half dollar and is living large in his 55 with lots of rock.

Thanks to all...... been a lurker for a while.
:welcome: to you and Benny... please keep us up to date on his progress, and post pictures!

Where did you get him?
:welcome: to you and to Benny! Don't be worried. Baby bimacs hide for sometimes a few weeks! More than likely he's picked a strategic place to observe you!:wink:

Welcome to you and Benny,:welcome:

I'll add Benny (and you) to the List of Our Octopuses at the top of the Journals and Photos Forum, under Ceph Care.

Sometimes it takes a while for an octopus to accept dead food. A few never make the transition. So just keep on with the live food and try offering pieces of frozen shrimp (thawed).


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