Hello everyone

Jan 1, 2008
Hi there! I am the owner of Aqua Tech exotic design and I am also an avid Ceph and sea Horse collector and enthusiest. I am looking to start a breeding program for specific sea horse and ceph species, so any help from any of you will be much apreciated.

thank you!

and great site/forum by the way!


:welcome: Mark and happy new year. I hope you are successful in your venture. I know many have tried at breeding octo's for a profit, if thats what your looking for, most if not all have failed due to the expense for the food, and just the general trouble of raising such a difficult animal, although I'm sure everyone here will tell you it's defiantly worth it. As an octo not only becomes your pet, you really bond with them and it becomes a part of your family. Well any way :welcome: again. And one last thing, only some species of octo's can be bread in captivity, only the species that lay large eggs. There are certain species that lay small eggs that are extremely difficult if not impossible to raise, as when in there infancy they have to float with plankton (they use it for their food) and that requires not only a LOT of plankton it require a LOT of water movement. So I would stick to the large egg species. For a list... well I'll leave that to some of the other members. And if I am incorrect on any of this, feel free to correct me. And, as for cuttle's if thats what your interested, I know squat about them but as far as I know (which isn't very much) they are a little easier to raise. That is just an assumption based on the fact that you can buy eggs to raise from the internet. Well, hopefully someone else will help you on the actual procedures in breeding. I am sure there are previous posts on this subject though...do a forum search.

well thank you for the warm welcome, and happy new year to you all as well!

I should explain what Aqua Tech Exotic Design is, we are an aquarium building company as well as an exotic species breeder and supplier. I have breed species such as a few types of smaller marine sting rays, sea horses, clown, damsels, shrimps, gobys, etc... Octos are the next species i wish to attempt to breed and raise, as we are a dealer for exotics we breed partially for the pleasure and experiance, as for the money. I am happy having people come to my facility and admire them rather then purchase the rare and hard to keep species such as octos and such. My fist octo was a Blue ring i found in live rock order and was carring eggs, and this started my new found interests in octos.

thanx again and I hope to learn more through this forum and maybe even pass on some info of my own.

Well, you will defiantly learn plenty through this forum. And I did find your website, it is very nice and I hope everything turns out great for you. But one thing I did forget to mention is that most people involved here do discourage buying or breeding the blue ring as it is very poisons and can kill a man with just a single bight.

:welcome: to TONMO!

a new octo breeder would make 2008 a great year... Have you read the article on Zyan Silver's bimac breeding experiences in the Tropical Fish Hobbyist "ceph special" issue?
Welcome to Tonmo ! We do have quite a diverse group of cepheads here, I am sure you will feel right at home. Looking forward to seeing some pics of your projects,

monty;107172 said:
:welcome: to TONMO!

a new octo breeder would make 2008 a great year... Have you read the article on Zyan Silver's bimac breeding experiences in the Tropical Fish Hobbyist "ceph special" issue?

Actually I have not i was unable to get a copy, actually any copies i used to buy them at a chapters here but no one sells them any more here and I just never got a subscription, but maybe i should again.
As for pics of the facility, my breeding facility for the fish I do not publisize, and the store we are presently setting it up so pics of that will come soon, I can give you a glimse of the specialty tank cutting and designing room soon as well. I was unsure about posting too much on here about the store and business as i have not asked permission from admins and i would like to sposnor some how this site and get the banner/link on my main page if that is a possibility??? hint hint!

PMing Tonmo is the best way to find out about banner ads and sponsorship possibilities.

Several folks had extra copies of the TFH issue, I'm not sure if I have a spare left or not, but I think there were some left after TonmoCon2, I don't know if those stayed at Mote or when home with Tony... anyway, if it's hard to get one, we might be able to help... although it may be cheaper for you to find one locally than have someone mail it.
ya i thought about the PM thing after I made that post, lol as for the magazine i ordered a subscription and I am ordering the past issues I want, but need to know issue numbers I wanted the issure with cephs/and sea horses but too many to list, lol

again thanx!


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