Hello from South Africa


Apr 6, 2020
South Africa
Hi all,

I am so grateful there is such a wealth of knowledge on here about Cephalopods, as I am a avid fish nut and I am looking at giving my first Octo an amazing and fulfilling home.

I can't wait to dig into this forum for research.

Regards from the southern tip of Africa.
Hello and welcome to TONMO! We are happy to have you here.

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have, either by responding here or by starting a thread in one of our relevant topic sections.

Occasionally we have octos for sale, which will be posted by our site admin @tonmo, likely in the "featured threads" section of the site on the front page.
Love to see more international members! I believe your are the first from anywhere in Africa (we are blessed with staff in NZ as well as members in various European countries though).

I like to recommend a collection of threads for first time keepers. All the "stuck" -- top of the forum in blue -- threads are a good read but the Posts with Infor for New Octo Keepers is a collection that answers many questions and gives housing and tankmate suggestions.

A caution on @pkilian 's enthusiasm for @tonmo 's newest (now on hold due to the global virus issues) offering to members, the Pacific animals that TONMO has sourced are not yet available for shipment out of the country.
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