Hello from Chile, I am a Marine Biology student


May 22, 2022
Los Ríos
Hi TONMO Community,
My name is Martín, I am from southern Chile🇨🇱 and I am an undergraduate student of Marine Biology📚 who is trying to learn more about cephalopods, mainly octopuses
C:.ミ and hopefully work with them in the near future. I do not have a favourite specie yet since I still do not get in touch with them enough to love just one. About my hobbies I like to watch series or movies, read sci-fi and to play basketball and online chess.

  • In my last summer internship I worked in an octopus hatchery🔬, though still experimental. There is not even a pilot production yet. I know about the ethics concern but it was my only chance to work with this animal: Patagonian red octopus (Enteroctopus megalocyathus), and the initiative will actually help to compensate overfishing🪝.

  • My next goal is doing an internship as a fishery observer👀 in the Humboldt squid (Dosidicus gigas) fishery in Chilean waters, it would be a good chance to work on board and to know such a relevant specie for the scientific community. After the The 1960 Valdivia earthquake and tsunami there was a raise of knowledge on squid axon, and D. gigas was not the exception and you can watch a good documentary (with english subs) of the work done in Chile with collaboration of foreign scientist of course , at that times.
I think that's it for now, I hope to spend some enjoyable time here!
PD: sorry if I made some grammar/spelling mistakes.


  • E. megalocyathus paralarvae.mp4
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