Hello! New to TONMO, not reefing


Blue Ring
Sep 21, 2020
Paso Robles, CA
Hi there!

I am new to TONMO, as noted, but have been keeping a reef tank for almost three years now (and am more obsessed every day!). We just moved and as part of the deal I'm upgrading my ~50 gal (+11 gal sump) Red Sea Reefer 250 to a ~200 (+40 gal sump) Red Sea Reefer 900 3XL. You know what that means! "Spare" 50 gal tank that is already cycled.... Sounds like the perfect home for an octopus. Here's my tank before I moved it - moving was pretty rough on a lot of coral and the aquascaping was ruined....



I spent a few hours last night reading this forum (though I know quite a bit on saltwater and octopuses to start with) - my local fish store has already said he can get a "brown pacific octopus", and have already learned that "brown pacific octopus" means "we don't know!" Definitely don't want one that might be at risk (e.g., mimic - I mean, I WANT one, but I won't get one), but am open to any octopus. I have always loved them. My husband and I are divers, as well, and I am an absolute pro at finding octopuses (they are by far my favorite creature to find in land or sea....). Here's one from Bonaire.

this is what I saw when I noticed it, you can't hide from me little fellow!



Anyway - I am very much looking forward to the very slow process of getting ready for an octopus and LOVE reading everyone's journals and hearing what works and what doesn't. In good news, we live 30 minutes from the pacific so fresh crabs will be easy to pick up while we're walking the dogs:

You are lucky to be so close to an area where you can catch your own food! I'm looking forward to seeing some updates as you progress towards getting your first octo!
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