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Having some trouble


Apr 16, 2008
Hey everyone Im new to this and Im hopeing some one out there can give me a hand. I have been researching how to keep a octopus for about 1 month now and im having some trouble decideing what tank set up to use. I read that sumps are a good way to go but do I have to go sump or could i use a basic set up? Also im trying to find the right octopus for me. I my father just gave me a 60 gallon tank. Whats a good octopus to have in there?? Finally do any of u guys have any advice you could give to a first time octopus keeper on thing and equipment i should use and not use. Yea one more thing whats the best way to get water flow through the tank? Thank guys for reading this and for helping if you can.


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Mar 8, 2004
:welcome: to TONMO.

A 60 gallon tank is fine for most of the species we recommend most... bimac, hummelincki, aculeatus... a briareus would be on the edge, particularly with no sump. It's possible to keep an octo without a sump, but the extra water volume is helpful, it's much harder to escape-proof with the equipment in the main tank, and occasionally octos will mess with the equipment. If it's a used tank, make sure that copper-based fish medicine hasn't ever been used in it.

Oh, yeah, and if you haven't read the articles under the ARTICLES tab at the top of the page, check 'em out for more details.