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Have Octo at last!


Blue Ring
Nov 10, 2004
After months of patient waiting, we finally have our Octo! I have pics on the digital camera and will post them as soon as someone tells me how (yes - technophobe!). The Octo is apparently an O. Cyaneus (Ahhh - see comments on the O. Cyaneus thread) and is absolutely stunning. Quite big, v inquisitive, has eaten live shrimp since arriving, and is loving exploring his/ her new home. Lots of colour and texture changes, and v active. And I was expecting not to see it for the first few days!
Congratulations on your new octo. Even if it will grow large, you'll have it for a while. And too, sometimes LFSs make mistakes when they identify species. It sounds like you have one with a good personality!

As soon as you have a name for your new octo, let us know and I'll add it to our list of Tonmo octpuses (at the beginning of Journals and Photos).

Congrats!!! As far as the pics, if you download them into your computer, I reduce the size to 750 for the top number and that seems to be fine to upload to this site. Usually your software will have an option to resize. Then after your post, scroll down to the manage attachments button and that gives you the option to browse your computer for the pic!

Anyway, looking forward to the pics!!!

Have had probs logging on for last few days, and also not sure how to attach pics. His name is Groove Machine by the way. Although Joe calls him Dave. He doesn't actually answer to either though...


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