I'm impressed with her resilience at this point, still alive, coloration hasn't changed. Still refuses food, though she killed a fiddler crab yesterday (the first in 4 weeks now, hard to tell if she ate any of it but nothing else in the tank could've broken the shell like that). The eggs, certainly infertile at this point, either decay away pretty quickly or she's been eating them as their overall mass has diminished significantly.
I have read conjecture that they might eat infertile eggs but I was under the impression that the thought was based on a similar kind of observation.
Yeah it's nothing more than conjecture, its certainly possible the water flow through the rocks carried most of it away.

She's taken a pretty steep downturn the last couple days, she's turned mostly white with splotches of black, breathing appears labored and shes lost the strength or awareness to hide from me when my hands are in the tank. Sadly, I don't think she's got more than another day or two, given how quickly she deteriorated the last couple.
Well, she held on for a long time after laying those eggs. Found her yesterday with a serpent star eating her arms from one side and an urchin eating arms from the other... had to have a little tug of war with both to liberate her body. Hopefully she didn't mind spending her last few months in my little tank.

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