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Got my new octo and I guess it is about dead.


May 29, 2007
Was all excited as my first octopus was shipped from the keys yesterday and I picked it up this morning, acclimated it by drip method till there was 100% tank water added, cut open the mesh bag it was in and let it float down to the bottom. It has been going on 10 hours and it hasn't moved. I can see what I would call veins pumping in its legs, but other than that there is no movement. Guess I am out $80. Could have just given it to a panhandler or something. Don't know if I would want to try another this being my first time and getting burned. Guess it happens.
These animals require patience. It won't be jumping through hoops of fire the same day it arrives. You'll be lucky if you see it in the next two weeks. Depending on the species, you might be lucky to ever see it at all.

I tis out in the open against the front glass. I have been watching a bit of pumping action with a loop held to the glass, but I don't even see that now. I flipped it onto its back and there is no movement at all whatsoever. Can they play dead? I guess I am just hopeing for the best.
I'm guessing it is dead or nearly so. The process of capture and shipping is stressful. Many members have had a cephalopod die immediately after shipping, so don't feel too bad. Sometimes collectors use chemicals to capture the octopus. Sometimes it is the shipping process (if it gets too hot or cold, or the box is mishandled). Does the company have a DOA policy? Is there anyway you could make the long trip to pick an octopus up personally?

Sorry to hear your first cephalopod experience has turned out poorly :sad:.
I'm with Cuttlegirl--it doesn't sound like he's alive. Usually you can see them breathing. If you can move him onto his back without any reaction that pretty much cinches it. A lot of retailers don't have a guarantee on exotic livestock like octos, but give them a try anyway. I've had as many DOA (or D-soon-after-A) experiences as I have successes, so I know what you're going through.

Thanks. I contacted the seller but haven't heard anything. There wasn't a policy one way or the other, but I am sure I am going to be out on this one. I did pay through paypal and kept all the emails so if I am left hanging totally I may see if anything can be done through that route. Myself and many others were taken by a place called Majestic Aquatics on ebay and paypal got all of our money back and shut them down, at least on ebay. They were reselling the same corals over and over, taking payments, but never sending anything. Unfortunatly they are still operating a website. Eventually it will catch up to them.
Guess I still do want an octopus. Any one know where they can be had from reliable collecter, shipper, but preferably aquacultured?
I know Zyan still has some he wants to get rid of. They will be a year old in August or September, so, although they can live to 2 years, you probably will not have that one for long but you can be sure that it is healthy and will survive at least a month or two (most likely more).
I don't personally think its likely to see more than a month or two more from Z's bimacs. I've been pretty good about keeping my water cold and Mr. O is already showing signs of age. The two-year number comes from a public aquarium that kept one at 59 degrees.

Fl, most retailers' policy for DOA is that they'll credit you the purchase price of the animal, but not shipping. FedEx carried out their part of the bargain, so you won't see that money again.


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