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got a joubini


Pygmy Octopus
Feb 4, 2003
hey, got a joubini and its so cool, he isnt very active but he isnt afraid also he likes to hang out, right now I have him in my 10 gallon, but I would really like to move him to my 55 gal, he wont bother the other fish since I got from a tank filled with damsels, but the problem is that the tank has 260 PC watts, but the reason is that I want to move him in my 55 so he can have more space, and the 55 is very pro, it has a chiller and a great wet/dry system with protein skimmer, you think I can move him to that tank? any suggestions. Thanks.
Hi Tonka

good to hear that your octopus is doing well, I do think that moving it is a bad idea though. Mainly because you wont seem it as much in the new tank as the lights will probably be too bright for its liking and secondly the fish... there are a lot of bad experiences to have by keeping an octopus with fish... sometimes its the fish attacking the octo that drives it into hiding... or worse.

if it is a joubini and you have an interesting aquascape and encourage things to do in the tank then 10gal will be enough for it.

hope this helps :smile:
then Ill keep it in the 10 gallon, but having an octo has been the best investment I have made in this hobby so far and I plan on keeping more octos in the future, and Id like to thank all of you that have helped and made this site very informative for me to keep an octo.

also ill try later on to post some pics but they wont come out well, but it will be later on. Just one question if I make my 55 gal, a species tank for octo only, what kind of species can live in that tank. thanks again.
Any species that doesnt get too big or need special conditions like cold water etc... so maybe a bimac or vulgaris if it was a species tank???
Just to add to what Colin said - the bimac is smaller than the vulgaris
(body about 5 inches, arms about 14 inches). I have a 46 gallon tank, and wish I had bought a slightly larger one for a bimac to give him more room to romp around (and that he does!) and to have a larger sand area in front. So I'd vote for the bimac.

You can report on what your joubini is doing under our Journals and Photos forum. I'd be interested to hear whether you think the joubini makes a good pet - does it hide much of the time, or stay out in the open?


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