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Good Skimmer or NOT? Terminator II

Feb 22, 2007
Im looking at a Terminator II for my tank i wanna set up for SW. The skimmer was 199 at my LFS but is on sale for 150.

Is this skimmer worth 150?? i want to use it without a Sump.

What would you do?

My tank is only a 55G but i wana have supplies that would work well on my 90G so I can upgrade without re-buying...

Sep 16, 2005
Ummm... you do know that in order to run it without a sump, you need to spend an additional $119 for the Sump-less kit
Oh yes, and return pump for about $60. I love the quote "Eliminates the need for an expensive sump system."

Joefish has a design for a DYI skimmer that is simple and efficient. If you have any mechanical ability at all, I would recommend trying to make your own.