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Gonna buy a tank in a couple weeks, making sure I don't need anything else

Dec 16, 2005
Laie, Hawaii
Hello :smile:

After a long break from the forums, I am back and just about ready to purchase an aquarium to eventually (late July or early August) house an octo. I'm going to list the stuff I am planning on buying, so please let me know if all of this is acceptable for an octopus, and if I need something else.

Thanks :cool2:

55 gal tank
Fluval 405
AquaC Remora Skimmer
50-60 lbs sand
40-50 lbs live rock

I also wanna get a few Starfish to live with the little guy, so he doesn't get lonely.

Finally, I was wondering if it's ok to keep Chromis and Damsels in the tank (which would be used to jump start the biological filteration) after the octopus is introduced. I know they would get eaten :smile: .
Well, it depends on what species you want. If you want something like a bimac, then you should be ok, except you may need a chiller. For a tropical species, though, like briaereus (probably spelled wrong), you'll probably need a heater. I've established before though, I'm no expert on this. Other TONMO members will correct me if I'm wrong and add more tips, I'm sure.
Damsels in particular have a reputation for causing problems for octos; if the octo doesn't eat them, they often bite at the octo, which can both hurt the octo's overall health, and also stress it out such that it hides all the time.
shipposhack;91779 said:
Hello :smile:

Finally, I was wondering if it's ok to keep Chromis and Damsels in the tank (which would be used to jump start the biological filteration) after the octopus is introduced. I know they would get eaten :smile: .

I believe that is not necessary to put fish in the tank to help cycle, as long as you have live rock. It used to be that you would put a cheap fish in the tank to provide a source of waste to help with the growth of bacteria, but if you have live rock, there will be plenty of little critters in the live rock to help you start out :biggrin2: .
I really don't care about what species I get as long as it's active and fun. Also even if I don't have to put in little fishies to cycle the tank, it will keep it not so boring.

Would serpent stars, chocolate chip, orange, and blue stars all work with the octo? I wouldn't like to have all of those, just wondering if all of those would be fine with them, and how many would I be able to keep with the octopus?

Thanks for all the help :biggrin2:
if you're thinking of putting all those other animals in there then maybe an octo isn't right for you. they really do best with a tank specifically for them.. they are not going to be 'bored', besides they will have you to 'play' with all the time. i find if i can find an established tank from an aquaintance and borrow some bioballs or a cup of live sand you can speed up the process of creating the necessary biological filtration. it will be an experience you'll never forget. i'm biased toward bimacs. zy
Try one small serpent star (not green) rather than a starfish. It has a better chance of survival and will help with cleanup. A small pencil urchin could also be used, although they eat coralline algae. I don't think an octopus needs companions, but probably is most enthusiastic if you put in some small shirmp that he can chase and eat. After a while, they don't eat their snails, so you can keep them in the tank. Small crabs, too, that are too small to eat after your octo grows.

I'm buying my tank today! I decided to go with the Remora Pro skimmer with a Mag 3. Would 50 lbs of sand be good or should I have closer to 60? How long after I have my tank set up can I add some serpent stars? I know the rock has to cure first, but do I still have to cycle it more after that?

Thanks :smile:

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