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Getting started


May 26, 2005
Alright, I've never had an octopus, but I have been really interested in having one and have started looking into it, I plan to ask around some pet stores soon to see what I find, I am worried that they aren't very available where I live here in Missouri and I know nothing of the general costs involved, so if anyone has any advice on how to get started I am interested.
Resign yourself to a 5-6 month process for getting an Octo
you need get the tank set
i find here in the US the best place (despite some recent hiccups) is Octopets.com
Farm raised
age is at leat in the first quarter of life
i point you to the sticky topics in each of the formus for detailed how tos and what to knows
best bet is to read this sight for about a week every article and watch forums for advice.
Hi and welcome to TONMO.com. :welcome:

Mizu gave you some good advice - you might find the sticky under Tank Talk - What do you have...- very useful because it gives you a look at various people's aquarium set ups and the cost.

Please click on the Ceph Care button above for articles on keeping octopuses.

It will take you some time to digest all this and to set up a tank.

I think I have decided to wait till I move out of the old parent's basement before I start getting things ready, so probably don't need to start getting serious for a few months, but it seems the first step is getting the tank, so for now I guess I will have to settle with my octopus stuffed animal.

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