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Funeral for an Octopus


Feb 1, 2006
Don't be alarmed, nothing has passed on.

I was just wondering, what did people do with their octopuses when they have passed on to that "aquarium in the sky".
:oops: Well......other that Gimpy who was found a day or so after death......6......:sad: (I just counted....) I had forgotten how large some of them had gotten....Awaiting burial at sea..........
Burial at sea in a special canvas bag - I painted pictures of my octos on the bags. A beloved cleaner shrimp also was buried that way.

I guess I should mention that they stayed in the freezer until we could travel to the Gulf.

Many octo owners have chosen burial at sea, but those who are inland often bury them in the garden, sometimes with their feeding stick.

I have had many a pet/critter enshrined in my freezer until I get around to burying them. I usually devote a special part of my freezer to critters, so it doesn't gross out my guests...