From Paris...


Mar 18, 2007
Hello all,

Well, i'm very happy cos i've just find this forum on yesterday which is talking about one of the most interesting "family" in wildlife, for me !
I'm 34 years old, i'm from Paris_France, and i love octopus, squid.... since my early age.
I tried to keep some little squid in a large tank, when i was 13 years old.... but they died.
After many years, i tried to buy a small octopus for one of my aquarium but i didn't find any shop who wants to buy some.
I'll have severals questions about keeping a small ceph. and wich one, in an aquarium.

I hope you could help me in my research.

See you soon, and sorry for my english !!:cry: :biggrin2: .... But " nobody is perfect ! ":biggrin2:
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