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Fresh Shrimps and Scallops


Jul 11, 2003
I went to a seafood store today and I bought one chrimp and one scallop (just to see if Rocky will take them. Im happy to say that he accepted the shrimp, i will try the scallop tomarow. My question may be somewhat of an obvious one, but i still need to know so im gonna ask anyways :smile: . Is it ok to freeze fresh shrimps and scallops? and then just thaw them out when its food time?

Also, i have a couple of questions that have nothing to do with this topic. but i dont want to make a new thread. If i were to switch to a different brand of salt would this have any adverse effects to my aquarium? Also, today i did a 20% water change, but i did something im not sure i should have done. First i rinsed out my sponges, and then i removed my activated carbon and put in the Chemi-Pure. I am afraid that this will do something bad to the bacteria :frown: . Can someone enlighten me on this
Its ok to freeze the food first then thaw it. Sometimes, a different brand of salt might contain more minerals and might cause algae blooms. If you want to do this, gradually add a liitle more of the new salt to the old one when changing water.
Hi Mike

freezing anything does reduce the beneficial nutrients in any food but as long as you feed fresh from time to time it should be okay.. towards the end my cuttles were just fed on frozen/thawed food with live crab probably weekly... dont use the microwave BTW, let them thaw in their own time.

I have seen it written that cephs dont like a salt change, i think it was Chris Shaw that had a problem with this once.. I havnt had a problem and i went from Kent to Tropic Marin.

Changing the carbon for chemipure will be okay and as long as you rinsed the sponges in tank water it will be ok
Hi Mike,

Also, make absolutely sure that the seafood really is fresh, that is, has never been previously frozen. Sometimes people misuse this term. I've found it difficult to find fresh shrimp here, for instance, but I can find freshly unthawed shrimp.

You shouldn't refreeze previously frozen and thawed seafood. And if you freeze fresh seafood, you should do that soon after you buy it to maintain quality.

What I do for my anemones is cut my fresh seafood up, then put the chunks in an empty plastic tray that frozen fish food cubes come in. I just save the trays after I've used all the food. I then fill the cubes the rest of the way up with tank water. The water keeps the seafood from getting freezerburn, and the food is already in bite-size pieces.

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