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food question


O. bimaculoides
Jul 11, 2006
I just got my new octopus in the mail today and I am sooooo excited. But I am also a little worried. You see, I killed my last octo by dethawing its frozen shrimp in tap water. So this time I put a couple pieces in the refrigerater so they would dethaw. But my dad said they still might have traces of chemicals from tap water at the factory (they might have rinsed off the shrimp before they froze them or something). Is this something I need to worry about?
I've never had any problems using frozen raw shrimp. I usually try to thaw it out by dangling it in the tank for several minutes and tear it in half as it thaws. I feed half of it and stick the other half in a ziplock in the fridge so it's read the next day. Helps to minimize any leftovers that might foul that water quality.

There has been some discussion on whether or not some "raw" shrimp is treated with a preservative or not. The kind I use is store brand "Kroger" white shrimp. They still have the shell and tail on. You might stay away from de-veined and peeled shrimp, as there's obviously some preparation going on there that might include preservatives.
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