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food for the cuttle


Pygmy Octopus
Nov 2, 2009
So I'm trying to think of what other food i can feed my cuttlefish besides the crab i collect from the shore. He seemed to really like them at first but after a solid month of them he has seemed to lose intrest.He still eats the crab but not with the same, shall i say, excitement as before. I'm just woundering what types of food have worked for you in the past and what to stay clear of. Thank you in advance.

PS. my cuttle is a adult dwarf cuttlefish. My salt content is at 1.023, PH of 8.3, nitrate of around 0.0, water temp of 76.5 to 78.0 F or 24 to 26 C, and amonia of between 0.25 and 0.50. just incase any of that helps
Your ammonia should be closer to 0. I would do a big water change ASAP.

How often have you been feeding it? If you feed too often sometimes they lose interest. I would start by getting the ammonia down, waiting a day and then try feeding again.
(Same cuttlefish) she just laid a huge batch of eggs recently, and i think 2 crabs have disappeared since then. Maybe her "pregnancy" affected her eating patterns?

oh, and i havent checked in the past couple days, but im 90% sure we got the ammonia back down
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