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Cuttle tank question


Feb 22, 2017
What inhabitants could I put with the cuttlefish? Like a pair of mandarin or a pair clownfish that are big so the cuttle wont be able to eat them? Any suggestions for reef inhabitants with cuttle aspirations? I have a 65g.

Edit: I remember i probably cant keep these but has anyone had success?

I have raised cuttles from eggs before up to a month old with success up until my tank crash after hurricane sandy and this was about 7 years ago. I am prepared to raise baby brine, rotifers, live mysis, amphipods, the works unless theres anything that has changed that I don't know about.
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Cuttlefishes and octopuses work best as a species only tank when considering tankmates. With cuttles, you have more flexibility with corals but fish are still on the avoid list.

Nix on the brine, it is not a suitable ceph food. Raising enough mysis to keep cuttles fed has been a challenge not well met. Most keepers end up buying them until the cuttles can be weaned to something larger.