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first step towards caring for an octo friend


Oct 18, 2003
i've been wanting a pet octopus for ooooooooh so long, and now that i'm living somewhere permenent where i can really care for it, i need to know where to start, its not something i wanna rush into, but rather do right..... is there a smaller creature that may be easier to care for to break me into salt water tanks? any links or help would be great.... and what about a mimic octopus? is it possible or legal to have one as a pet? I'm willing to go through insane trouble to have one of these, i would be content to just see a live one, but unfortunetly its medically impossible (multiple spontanious pneumathorax) for me to scuba dive so this may be one of the few options for seeing a real one.
:welcome: MimikOctopus.

Here's is probably the best link for all your ceph questions
:arrow: http://www.dal.ca/~ceph/TCP/index.html

Be sure to read the article on the mimics, entitled Mimic Octopuses: WIll We Love THem To Death? Or something like that, I don't know.

I would say to start of with a bimac, as mimics are supposedly incredibly dull and you won't see it mimic anything. It is legal though.

I think the NRCC may have mimics but probably not, they are pretty cool and are my 2nd favorite ceph, vampyrotheuthis being my first. :vampyro:
mmm that seems like a ton of scientific info, im looking for care, tank setup, accusition, and a good way of making sure my new friend wouldn't eat my cats.... and i do have a nice rubber boat in my bathtub that could do without destruction.
Check the article Don't Fear The Raptor: An Octopus in the Home Aquarium.
Bah! Who needs cats! Mine is now napping on my leg, which is been asleep for an hour or two. He's the same genius who's fallen out of the rafters in my barn thrice now,all because of failed atttempts to be intimate with his mom, grandma, and brother.

Duct tape works well for everything.
couldn't find it on that site, but found it on google... good stuff, but to be more specific what size tank would hold a mimic....... i hear they can get 16" in diameter, thats pretty friggen big for home.....
Hi MimikOctopus,

Welcome to TONMO.com.

Have a look at our articles on Ceph Care, especially Colin's Equipment List and my Checklist: Things to think about before you get an octopus

Cephalopod Care

The mimic octopus is not a good choice as a pet, even if you were able to get one. Our members have done very well with bimacs.


I know of only one person who in my opinion has successfully kept a mimic and even he is against keeping one… Why?

No one knows how scarce they might be.
They don’t mimic in captivity (I’m not convinced they do in the wild either!)
They require a sand bed of at least 10 inches to burrow properly.
They are shy and not outgoing species
They will cost big bucks
They seem to have high death rates during transport
Their capture encourages locals to catch wild caught specimens in new habitats.
The only ones I have seen for sale have been adults with days or weeks to live

So, there are some points to consider...

16" diameter is small for an octopus!!! You may be looking at a bigger project than you first thought! :smile:



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