first physical contact

Feb 24, 2005
well i was pointing at a hermit with a pen for the octo to see then i held up a red ring that he had a similar one of in his tank... no lie he crawled like a hermit over to a hermit and touched it... then swam over to his red ring and touched it and back into his den! later played tug o war with the feedign stick!! less than a week since he arrived!!!
WOW !!!

I havent seen mine much at all but then its a tiny octo with a bunch of rock. Maybe I should get home from work at a normal time to see the tank with the lights on also.
What's so amazing about octos is the way they're always thinking and trying to interact and communicate as much as we do.

I taught my bimac to look for crabs where I pointed (they were hiding or buried in the sand). She learned that very quickly. Sounds like yours will do the same.

Tug of war is fun, but before long your little octo will win!

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