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Apr 18, 2004
I am happy to say that i have finally found a tank and a source of live cuttlefish and it seems to be coming together. As long as the people i am buying the tank from dont get cold feet!!!

It is a six foot x 2 x 2 1/2 with a 3' sump skimmer, way too much liverock (ill have to give some away!) uv steriliser, double halides, some coral (not much) and has been profesionally plumbed and circuited!! It comes with a bunch of other stuff and quite a nice cabinet - i'd love to hear what you think!!

Any comments or suggestions? :P It seems like it is finally coming together! - (i got it cheap too becuase they are moving and are VERY desperate!! :twisted: hehe)
Good stuff!

My advice is to get as much of the stuff as you can and sell whatever is extra to help you pay for it...

You may want to start thinking about the logistix of how you are going to move it and what you will do with the live rock and water etc while you move the tank???

good one
:cry: I could cry!...

i had all the logistics figured - they were getting a crane in (they had to move furniture as well) and got a friend/aquarium shop owner to help out and hire a truck...

...the day before moving someone offered twice as much!!!

:cry: :evil: :bugout:


I guess thats life...but man life can be annoying
by the way...im not exactly sure of the species yet...i have organised a meeting to go and look at some and some cuttlebones to figure out the species
yeh true...but i got the water tested and everything was fine...

i had just gotten over it and i woke up to find your reminder!!! lol

Oh well there are always tanks for sale... :cry:
hi joel

gazumped means that if you were buying a house for an agreed amount and then they sold it to someone else instead who happend to offer a larger amount you'd have been gazumped...

in fact..
Urban Dictionary: gazump

there :smile:
just believe him joel - i argued over something like this for about 15 posts before i managed to convince him that gpo's had been bred AND REARED in captivity...lol :grad:

i guess i won in the end but believe me... it wasn't worth it :sleeping:

lol :lol:
ah poor Oscar........

You didnt win I just stopped replying :wink:

I still havn't had proof that 2 GPOs have mated, laid eggs AND had the paralarvae survive to adulthood..... :P

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
Well I haven't of that either yet, I first asked the question rite?

Up to now we've only seen adults mating and laying eggs, but they're going to try to raise them soon, once the eggs hatch.

Sorry oscar, I'd go with Colin right now, still cant find any records :heee:

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