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finally a pic of Spot's spot

Looks totally different than a bimacs' ring! Did we already decide it wasn't one? Awesome octo you've got there!!!

yea, i think we did decide it wasnt one, im just to lazy to change the names on the series of pictures
Hi rc,
Since we can't see a close up of the ring, would you please look very carefully and tell us:

1) is the ring a flat color or more glowing (irridescent)? (Ollie's was irridescent)
2) can you see any sort of chain in the the ring? (Ollie had a chain)

the spot does not appear to be irridescent and the ring appears to be a brown ring, no chain, usually his spot just looks like a little shriveled spot on his skin, sometimes it appears to not be there untill you look really close

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