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Aug 27, 2008
Well i want to get a Hummelincki, and im ready for one but the only thing im worried about is feeding, where can i get crabs?? They sell some at pet stores but for pets which would cost me alot. I would like to know everything i can feed this octo and its staple diet and how much i should feed it. Also, how big do
Hummelincki's get??
Sep 8, 2006
www.aquaculturestore.com sells fiddlers and shore shrimp pretty cheap.

Cheaper alternatives are frozen raw shrimp, clams, raw fish from the market. Silversides and krill at the fish store. Not all octos have the same taste in food so some things might or might not appeal to their appetite.
Sep 16, 2005
Every octopus is different, so you should have a variety of foods ready before you get your octopus. Some octopus will only eat live food, so you should be prepared to have to spend the amount it would cost to feed live food. If you are lucky, your octopus will eat dead food.

You can feed your octopus using a feeding stick.
Sep 25, 2006
I have a wild caught bimac (my first octo) and she eats pieces thawed frozen shrimp or scallops from costco, so feeding is cheap and easy for me, for this octopus. I also catch shore crabs or small clams when I go to the beach, just to give her something fun to eat.

If you need to buy live crabs, clams, etc., aisian fish markets often have a wide variety of live food available. Consider fresh water food like crawfish to be like eating candy: ok once in a while, but not a good diet (wrong nutrition for marine animals).

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