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Apr 26, 2005
do octos get sick of the same thing for food i feed mine a blue crab every other day and clams on the other days the clams are frozen lately he doesnt seem to like the clams as much the crabs he likes any other frozen food i could try
Lucky octo to get so many blue crabs!

Yes, he may get tired of the clams but probably will never tire of the crabs, one of the favorite octo foods. Try some thawed frozen shrimp (or fresh or live ones, if you can get them).

Basically the same food as the larger octopuses, but adjusted to size. Crabs and shrimp are the favorites. You could use hermit and fiddler crabs if you don't live by the ocean. Offer pieces of thawed frozen shrimp.

Any thoughts on picking up larger, live crabs at the local fishmarket and hacking them up for feed? The only hermets or fiddlers around here are tiny and way overpriced. That's what I get for living in a desert. :P

sounds like you need a good food trip to the ocean!!!!!

grab a big rubbermaid and a couple battery powered air pumps and go collecting your own food

it will give you lots of selections and size choices for your octo and if you get a couple of the rubbermaids set up at your house you can collect enough to last you a few months or so if you can keep the food alive...

thats what i do and i live about 2 hours from the coast...
ive got about 1000 fiddler crabs, 1000 grass shrimp, and 500 mud minnows just waiting for death by octo! ive been able to keep them alive for over 2 months now just in rubbermaid bins

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