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Feeding your octopi


Dec 26, 2003
Im just finishing up getting the last of my supplies, before i buy my octo. I was wondering what everyone has been feeding them, and where they go to purchase? (Are u purchasing frozen seafood at the local grocery store, clams of fishsupply.com, or feeder fish(goldfish) from LFS). Any one with some input would greatly be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
fellow octopus lover
I'll let some Americans discuss where they get food from but let me just warn you off goldfish and other feeder fish.

As you probably know copper is lethal to octopuses and should be avoided at all costs. feeder fish are quite often treated with copper based treatments before sale!!! That could get passed on!

Also fish have a lot of fatty products and is really not ideal for a cephalopod... Best bet is to tack downa supply of live shrimp/crabs/crawfish etc...

I suppose you're buying a baby bimac - some people do start with the clams and amphipods. But I think you should start adding food. I began with pieces of fresh scallops from the fish market. Hermit crabs from the LFS are good, and later small fiddler crabs,which can be ordered. My bimac Ollie liked snails, too. Then later I added unthawed, frozen Gulf shrimp and live shore shrimp. That should be a start,

:welcome: to TONMO.com Rohman!!

Like Nancy said, you can feed fresh scallops shrimp or even pieces of shrimp which is what Wasabe ate occasionally. Just as long as you have a supplier of seafood, it shouldn't be too hard to find food for your octo.

Live shrimp and crabs will also be good. Turbo snails are also accepted by most octopuses.

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