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Feeding Sticks


O. vulgaris
Dec 22, 2004
I'd be willing to bet that this topic has been brought up in the past, but, when I searched, I had 11 pages of threads. So here goes...

Can anyone give me a good discription (and hopefully picture) of what they use as a feeding stick for their octos? Do they have jaws? Is it just a scewer? Wood, metal, plastic? Any comercially available types one might recommend? Or do you have a recommended way of making one?

Thanks in advance.

I'm sure you'll get many variations on feeding sticks. I'd avoid metal, but untreated wood seems to work fine.

I use thin wooden skewers (from the grocery store). The easiest way to fasten two of them together for longer length seems to be nylon fishing line. One end has been given a round point. They're useful for offering food, playing tug of war and picking up uneaten food.

Thank you, Nancy. That was what I was imagining, but I'd love to hear some of the alternatives. I am a surgeon, and know the value of a good instrument.

i still have a chopstick that i used...

also have used the wooden stakes sold for plants to support their flowers like the ones sold fr phalenopsis orchids
The stick I use is a commercial stick for s couple of bucks, I have broken it twice now, so its only about 12 inch long now, clear plastic, with a slight bend in the feeding tip and comes to a =========> V-tip.

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