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Eye glazed over

Almost 4 months. Yeah my levels were perfect when I tested last week. Did a water change a day after that anyway, and one Sunday (I think). Only thing is CA and Alk could be a little out of wack. They were in my nano reef, and they are almost down where they should be after 20% water changes every day.
I thought I might answer the conversion since I just saw it. You are talking about the 5mg/L that Jean mentioned right. That would convert to 18.75 mg/gallon or about .019 g/gallon.

Hope that helps.

You might want to get other opinions on the Melafix before adding it, it is bad for seahorses but I don't know about Octopuses.

Also, you may want to try to gut load some of his food with the tetracycline. Most antibiotics work better from the inside. I injected Trapper's shrimp when she was brooding as a precaution against skin infections. How much good it did I cannot say (she lived an excessive amount of time after the hatching but what to attribute it to is an unknown) but I know it did not harm.
5 grams (NOT mg!) per litre works out to 0.6 ounces/US gallon.

We usually put it into a treatment tank rather than a display tank (3000L tanks needs waaaay too much med, plus the fluoro green isn't a good look!!), leave the patient for a couple of hours then return to a holding tank (or in your case the home tank) we repeat as required, usually daily for a week or so. You could try gut loading some prey with it but I wouldn't do both, you don't want to OD him!

He should adapt. The other thing it could be is senescence. Was he wild caught? If so he's likely to be an adult with very little time left, it's not unusual for the eyes to go cloudy with old age :sad: sorry, I hope it's not the case.

I believe he was. I got him from saltwaterfish.com like many other members recently got their octos from. He seems too small to be an adult but I guess he could be. When I get a skinnier camera I should be able to get a picture of him in his den if the algae isn't too loaded on the glass. His den is on the back right by the glass so it would be easy to get a pic if the camera could fit. Thanks for your help Jean.

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