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Eye glazed over

Dec 16, 2005
Laie, Hawaii
Today I noticed the right eye on my octopus is glazed over a little bit. I attached pictures of each side so you can see the difference. He also seems to be pulling his right eye more in to his body than his left, which you can see on the picture of all of him. Let me know if I should be worried or if it will go away. He's shedding suckers like crazy too. I know that's normal but maybe could help to know what is going on.

Thanks for any help.


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So I understand that you have not had this octopus very long...

Sounds like some kind of bacterial infection. How is the water quality? The eye does not sound very serious at this point. I would recommend water changes over the next couple of days regardless of your actual water quality values.

Any other information you might have would be great.

That's correct. I got him Friday morning. Tested water Wednesday and it was:


Did a 5 gallon water change Thursday even though water tested fine. Should I do 2 5-gallon water changes over the next couple days? Tank is 55 gallons. Has eaten a frozen shrimp, and today killed and ate an emerald crab and an astrea snail.
Could also be mechanical damage. we had one that came in with a scratch on one eye, eventually it went completely opaque (like a cateract) the octopus compensated for it though and lived just fine.

If bacterial try adding some tetracycline or similar (antibiotic) to the water. We use about 5g/L seawater dilution (turns the water a cool fluoro green).

Carol- He is most likely O. Filosus. If you search google type "Caribbean two-spot octopus", you will find a lot more results. Does Biddle have eyespots? If not he isn't the same species. The eyespots on mine aren't very noticeable unless you know they are there and are looking for them. When he hunts/gets scared he will flash them bright blue but otherwise they are usually hidden under his mantle.

mosthated- I got him from saltwaterfish.com on Tuesday. A lot of other members have gotten their octos from there as well. Animal mother got his approximately a week before I got mine.

I will take more pics tonight. It seems to have progressed quite a bit, but he doesn't seem bothered by it.
Sorry it took so long here's more pics. It is definitely farther along than the other pictures. The first picture is to compare the 2 eyes. You can tell his right eye (left side of pic) is pulled in. Next is his normal left eye. Then his right.


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Tetracycline should help to combat the bacterial infections associated with the eye problem. I presume it is still getting worse? In my experience I have found that eye problems are merely a symptom of a systemic bacterial infection, thus untreatable. If the eye problem is mechanical, the tetracycline should help.


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