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Escape proofing tank

Dec 3, 2004
Hello all, relatively new to your forum. I am getting rid of my 180 gallon reef in favour of a tank devoted to what got me into the hobby in the first place, that being an octopus. However, the escape proofing of the tank concerns me. I understand the weighted, secured lid, no problem. What have all of you done concerning drilled tanks with overflows? Utilizing a sump is a must for me as I have a large protein skimmer, but how do you prevent an octopus from getting over the overflow. Likewise, an external pump will be used with loc line entries into the tank. What would stop an octopus from crawling into the outlet in the event the water flow stopped and there was no water coming out of the nozzle? One more question. Commonly reef aquariums do not use filter pads or sponges before the water reaches the protein skimmer as the skimmer removes many particulates. I understand though that filters are required in a tank that houses an octopus to protect intakes etc. How do you handle the shed skin and debris that collect and fowl the filter. Do you change them daily? Thanks for your help with these specifics its greatly appreciated.
with regards to the skin fowling the filter, I understand this to be collecting on a mechanical filter (as the first part of the filtration) and you should be changing you mech filter every day if not every other.

correct me if im wrong?
hey d, each person finds his or her own mwthods of octoproofing their tank. this is what worked best for me. i have a 45 hex with a store booght lid/light combo. the hood fits very snuggly as there are pins on the underside that keep the lid from slideing out of place. i used plexiglass and silicone sealent to cover the slots that already cut into the hood and used a round drill bit to drill holes for the pipes that feed into and out of my system.(i use a fluvel system filter) my protein skimmer is hang on the back so that left a large gapeing hole in the back of my tank so i used the plastic mesh bags that grocery stores sell fruit in (stole this idea from nancy! thanks nancy!) to completly wrap the return cascade. i just siliconed the mesh under some plexiglass then onto the lid of my tank. i think that style of tank u have with the sump and all is probably very similer to nancys and most of the other members a belive she is used it to weave between the overflow though you may have to ask her as i dont remember for certain. weighing the lid down is a must, i use a 5lb plastic weight for the center top of my tank and then weight the flip lid with a rock. so far i ahve no escapes. i hope this helps a little but i think that the other members who have had little more experience can probably offer a little better advice.

just as a side note my system is definetly a minamal houseing for am octopus and antone reading this should definetly follow the advice given and go for a larger system. this was the most i could offer at he time due to liveing restrictions and has so far been working out ok for me but water quality can change very frequilently and i have to stay on top of it almost daily. as soon as i move wich should be soon i plan to set up at least a 90 gal wich should be a lot more stable. i keep yall posted. and good luck!
Thanks for the responses guys. I guess I'll get some practice with the dremel and drill for the lid part! I suppose a fairly loosely woven but firm filter material would work and change it every day or as needed. Thanks again and anyone else with tips, let me know please.
Yes, I cut the mesh into strips about 6 or 7 inches long and 1 inch wide, then I wove them through the holes. It works and isn't too difficult to replace from time to time.

I got crabs, that's a nice idea to move to a 90 gallon tank. Your octopus will have a lot more room to move about.

Thank you Nancy that seems like a good solution. I recently checked out the issue of Coral magazine regarding keeping an octopus. Daniel Knop used an acrylic aquarium with a separate "chamber" lined with large pore foam material. The intakes for all pumps, protein skimmer etc. were housed within the chamber. Very cool, but needs a modified acrylic aquarium - not cheap. Thanks again for the information.

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