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escape proof Qs


Apr 5, 2004
i am just setting up an 80 gal for a two spotted octopus. at the aquarium of the pacific they have a giant pacific octopus and they said they use astroturf around the top of the tank to prevent escape. apparently the octopus dislikes the feel of the astroturf on their suckers so much that it will stay in the tank and prevent any escape attempts. i wish to put the nonsoft side of velcro around the holes of the aquarium to act in the same way as the astroturf. i was wondering if anyone has heard of this method and know if the velcro will work the same. thanks
Isnt two spotted = a bimac? if so i dont think you have to worry about escape like you would with a vulgaris.... Ant's right though.... search the forum and im sure youll find the answer to your questions....

good luck

there are discussions about the astroturf in the forums but the long and short of it is that you will need a pretty deep tank for a bimac if you want to use this idea, you have to make sure the octopus cant reach over the strip and some bimacs have had a 24" reach! So it maybe isn't all that practical.

Also, its not that the octopuses dont like the feeling of the turf, its more that they cant get their suckers to work on it as they cant make a suction...

As WK rightly says, bimaculoides (bimacs = two spots) are a lot less likely to climb out and a tight fitting lid is all that is required

hope this helps
Basicly, things which can't hold air cant be gripped the suckers. Btw does your tank have a lid? if it does, it will be alot harder for the octo to get out. It would have to stretch over the velcro then lift up the lid.

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