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Egor has Eggs....


Colossal Squid
Staff member
Moderator (Staff)
Nov 20, 2002
About 2 weeks ago her behavior changed. Became reclusive, collecting shells, I thought no...It's too soon. I've only had her almost 3 months. She has continued to eat and had a huge piece of shrimp maybe 2 days ago, but has not emerged from her cave at all. Well tonight, I got my flashlight and observed her in the cave for about 15 minutes and had a sighting of eggs. Being she was wild caught, and being she was missing a leg and almost all the tips of her legs when I bought her, I am wondering if this damage could have been caused by a male octopus. So the bad news is she will be passing soon, but the good news is maybe her eggs are fertile and being we identyfied her as O'briarus, maybe there's a chance one or so may survive. I'm still bummed though as I was hoping to have her longer than this. Maybe it's time to check into my favorite LFS in Pa.

Sorry that this happened so fast, Carol. We all like Egor.

You can go back and review Debbie's (dbbga) experience with briareus eggs - we had one hatchling (one I took) live over 4 months, so it's possible to raise them.

Good luck with all this - I'm sure you'd have takers for baby briareus.


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