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eating a feather duster?


Oct 19, 2004
i didnt think these were on the menu for an octo but i woke up this morning and with the lights still out on the tank i looked ove and my octo is half in the feather duster looking like hes eating it. ill see if it opens up later maybe he was trying to take it but idk. if n e of you have heard of them eating it let me know...
I guess it is possible that he was eating it, but I would imagine he would have comepletly pulled the worm out of its tube then would have ate it. He might have just been curios and was chekcing out what that thing was. I have a neon green feather duster that complete came out of his tube, and would not go back so now I have a HUGE! neon green work with neon green featers just crawling around my tank.... I woul dhave figured he would have started to make a new tube by now, but nope. Hes really cool looking, but will be easy pray if he doesnt do somthing soon.
haha yea the duster opened when the light came on so i guess my octo was just wonderin wut was in there half his body was in there reachin around lol.
I have had the octo carry a feather duster around the tank (and if you think that didn't lead to a series of jokes from friends...!), but have never had one eat a duster worm...guess it could happen, though.

Everything is fair game !

update on this.... my feather duster opened today and is 1/3 the size it used to be the outer layers and most of the feather duster was eatin lol... i guess like u said "everything is fair game"
We'd all like more color in our octo tanks. The best (most reliable) solution is to encourage the growth of coralline algae in nice colors and buy pretty shells - pinks and reds.

You can try mushrooms, but once your octo gets big and starts moving things and romping around the tank, they might or might not survive.

have had good luck with most macro algeas includeing spagetti, caulerpa, red and green kelp... most anything that dosent need to be rooted in the substrate. tried money plant, shaveing brush and blade but they dont survive long if there uprooted. however i found that if i attach the money plants to a peice of live rock near the top of the tank no one bothere them and they seem to do well there. now mines a deep tank and my octo dosent spend much time near the top. have also had good luck with very small duster worms and sand sifting sea cucumbers.

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