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E-bay equipment


Blue Ring
Dec 13, 2002
After reviewing the dozens of extremely cheap tanks and filters available on e-bay, I wanted to know the quality and safety of this equipment. Although I am aware of the danger of copper traces on the tanks, the price of the tanks seems alluring. In addition, what is the quality of the auctioned filters, specifically wet/dry?

Thank you,
Michael O’Shea
Though I have never purchased any sort of equipment of this nature off eBay, [I usually just buy out of print records and such...] I find a good rule of thumb on on-line auctions is that if the deal seems too good to be true, then it probably IS too good to be true. Essentially, you're probably going to get what you pay for. Sometimes, however, I do find some excellent steals on eBay.

I suggest bidding on lesser expensive items and if you find a merchant that tends to sell quality stuff, then just bid on his auctions.
I'm a big fan of eBay -- I've bought a few worthwhile things at good prices!

If nothing else, when shopping on eBay, be sure to use this link to get there. TONMO.com gets 5 cents for each bid and $5.00 for each new registrant for all users who visit the site through this site, using the special link provided here (and the ones on the TONMO.com homepage). Same applies to this Amazon.com link!
My dad and I bought a 210 with about 250Lbs of LR off ebay. The seller was moving to a smaller place and we were moving to a larger one. I suggest that you are in the region of the seller for two resons one to save on shipping also you can go talk to the person your buying from and inspect the equipment.
Hi all,

If you're looking for a tank complete with everything on Ebay, don't forget to also look in the classified ads in your local newspaper. My local aquarium store suggested this, because not only do people move, they also just get tired of their tanks or realize they've made a mistake. And they don't always think of Ebay.

I've been monitoring my local paper and have found many reef tanks for sale, sometimes with a photo on the web. Most of the tanks are large, over 100 gallons, and this week a 900 gallon tank with huge corals was offered. I wonder how you'd move that?!


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