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What you should do is add your tank water to the bag a little at a time, maybe over 1/2 hour. It's been floating for some time, so the temperatures must be about equal. Then pick up your little octo and put him in the water - don't empty the water into the tank, if you can help it.

How did the acclimatisation go?

Also, be sure to enter your octopus tank details into the database...


he died :oops: :cry: i did the float and drip for 45 mins, then i came back about 20 min later and he was dead, all my levels were on 0. he was a dwarf
Sorry that your little dwarf octo died. :frown:

Do you have any idea why? What about pH and sg,
nitrates, nitrites and ammonia? It would be good if you could figure this out.


well i took the other one back and the guy said i could have the last one they had and gave him to me. i floated him for 20 mins then drip aclimated him and had the lights out for a few hours and came back and he was out climbin around doin great. i put some crabs in there and have been waiting to come out :biggrin2: . im gonna name him Gus :cyclops:

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