Jan 16, 2004
Anyone know if the DVD entitled "The Ultimate Guide: Octopus," which was created by the Australian Discovery Channel, will play in U.S. DVD players? It is a PAL4 region DVD. The U.S. is PAL1. Anyone?
Yeah, i dont think so either, I have had bother getting UK stuff to play on Nancy's DVD/VHS too :frown:
there are region free dvd players, but i've never come across one personally.... IF you had one, then i'd say yes, but probably not....
You can view it in a computer DVD player 2 ways. One, is you have the ability to change your DVD players region 5 times. If you put in a DVD that isnt from the current region you have the option to change it. If you exceed the 5 changes though, throw out the player as it will lock it out and I believe can only be unlocked with the assistance of the manufacturer. The second method, is to obtain a product called "Region Free". This is a product that intercepts the computer region checking and tells it to ignore it when playing a DVD. I have this product and it work excellent for viewing overseas DVDs.

Hope this helps.
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